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OmunityBali, Singaraja | Official Site
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 by Hilda Malibin

This is an unexpected little sanctuary called by the name of Omunity Bali ,tucked in a little village called Sudaji in Singaraja. After 3 days in the buzzing Seminyak, I wanted to dive straight into the rural bali experience. Omunity Bali was created and conceptualized by its founder Zan Zan and co managed by his lovely wife Putu. My stay there was short, never the less, I had quite a substantial glimpse of the uniqueness of the Balinese culture and spirit. This place is highly recommendable. Please check out their website

 by Laura Russo

This place is so much more than we were expecting. Absolutely brilliant! We stayed for a week, all enjoyed it very much (3 women and one child, age 9) and will be back again next year. Great for families or anyone. The photos do not do it justice. If you are looking for a real cultural experience, away from hordes of tourists, then this place is for you. The bamboo cottages and Wantilan were built by the people who made Green School in Bali (look it up). The cottages have enormous mosquito nets over very comfortable beds. The Wantilan was great for yoga and meditation. The (private) outdoor bathrooms were lovely. The pool was great and chemical free! It is fed by springwater that flows through it, so constantly replenished. Good for kids as there is ample shallow part as well as deeper main section. Putu and Zan Zan are perfect hosts. Putu's cooking was really amazing, we enjoyed the sumptuous Balinese food very much and asked for recipes to take home, we loved it so much. Zan Zan's infectious enthusiasm made us feel excited about their spiritual and environmentally friendly community development philosophy for extending help out to their local village, Sudaji. For more information about their philosophy, Google "omunity sudaji bali.". Putu is working on a very worthwhile project with the local women to revitalise the lost art of weaving in Sudaji. One hand-weaving loom has been purchased so far (aiming for four more) and beautiful hand woven and naturally-dyed scarves are for sale to help move the project along. The very kind and friendly Nyoman took us on many lovely walks around the local village, explaining about the customs, the plants, and anything we were curious about. I highly recommend the walk to Sekumpul waterfall: really spectacular. My boy enjoyed playing with the family's gorgeous three children very much and a strong friendship developed in just a week, so they'll be keeping in touch. The family invited us to attend local ceremonies with them, which were a great introduction to the Balinese culture and religion. We enjoyed wearing traditional sarong and participating in the ceremonies. It is a bit cooler here at night (being higher elevation), which was a great relief as we didn't need fans for sleeping comfortably although they were available if we wanted. There is a great view of the towering mountain nearby, and a lovely and authentic village to experience and become immersed in.

 by Seymour

I stayed at Omunity Bali (Bamboo Cottages - Rural Bali Village) for a month with my wife and two children. It was a transformative experience for us all and we'd now never consider staying anywhere else. Putu, her husband Zanzan, and their three children are a delight. Intelligent and thoughtful with the sensitivity and openness so common in the Balinese, they went out of their way to integrate us into their daily lives and by the end of the trip we felt like part of their family. Staying in Sudaji was like travelling back in time to the Bali of the past. No tourist hordes, no souvenir shops, no touts: in our month at Omunity, apart from a handful of other Omunity guests, we didn't see a single Westerner. What we did see was authentic Balinese culture first hand, not the Disneyland version paraded in resorts. Sudaji is a culturally rich and thriving village and Zanzan and Putu went out of their way to integrate us into village life. We attended ceremonies - huge ones in various temples - and small personal gatherings in family compounds (eg tooth filing and naming ceremonies). To see shadow puppets or listen to gamelan or watch beautiful dancing in the welcoming environment of someone's home is a great privilege and one we'll always remember. There were many other great experiences - freely wondering through the rice fields that begin just metres from the cottage, trekking to the waterfall, teaching English in local schools - but the highlight was Omunity itself.

 by Fiona

We stayed at Omunity for two nights - but what a two nights it was. Those looking for an authentic, ecological and rural Balinese village experience will not be disappointed. Sudaji is the real deal. Passionate Zanzan welcomed us into his family compound with love and kindness and was the perfect host and a warm and funny conversationalist. The food (made by Zanzan's mother) was so tasty and served on banana leaf. The other staff working at Omunity were all kind and love to practise their English. We went to a local name-giving ceremony and puppet show, a visit to the Seven Chakra (Sekumpul) waterfalls which included a much-needed swim. We were taken on a guided motorbike tour of Sudaji including wandering the rice paddies and stopping at an organic cow manure farm. The scenery is just beautiful. My only regret is not staying longer! The accommodation at Omunity is basic-but-comfortable bamboo huts. The lotus pool and yoga wantilan are also worth a mention. Thank you, Zanzan, for being such a gracious host and wonderful human. It was a delight to share conversations and business ideas with you. All the best for Omunity and keep on spreading the positivity through love in action.

 by Sandra

We had a 2-days stop in Sidaji. It was a real balinesian experience for us. The omunity and the whole village was really kind. We took a trip - and it was a real private trip - about 4 hours trough rice fields and the whole nature to the waterfalls where we took a shower. That was so amazing. Our guide was the nature in person, he showed us things we never would see without him. On our day of leaving we took a ride with ZanZan with his motorbike to Sudaji and saw the real life of all the people. The food was made by ZanZans mom and the tasty one we ever ate in Bali. These were two great days in Sudaji. Greets, Sandra and Thomas

 by Erin

We were fortunate enough to stay here during our honeymoon in Bali and we would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a more authentic Balinese experience. The village of Sudaji is quaint and off the beaten path enough that you might not see any other tourists for the duration of your stay. There is still plenty to do and see nearby, and ZanZan was able to arrange transport to anywhere we wanted to go. Our stay in Sudaji included side trips to Danau Bratan, the Botanical Gardens, and a trek to one of the best waterfalls in Bali- Sekumpul- which is actually about ten waterfalls with an amazing swimming hole at the bottom. ZanZan took us for a sunset stroll through the rice padi, and the meals prepared daily by his mother were the best we had in Bali. OMunity has a great philosophy towards a cleaner, greener Bali, and this type of eco-resort deserves support and encouragement. If we are fortunate enough to make it back to Bali in the near future, we will definitely return to Sudaji and stay with ZanZan znd Putu and their wonderful family again!

 by Arnaud

We stayed for 2 nights at the Bamboo Cottage and it was one of our best memory in Bali. After the agitation of Kuta, it was a breathe to stay in Sudaji. Putu, Zan Zan and his mother were so welcoming and all the people of the village will be happy to show you the richness of their land. Here you are connected with what is really Bali and you will not see other tourists. The food prepared with local organic products were very good and eat is a really sharing moment with all the guests invited by Zan Zan (thanks for the holy cocktail!!!). Also cottages are very nice and clean and you have all what you need to have a good rest. Thanks for all and see you soon!

 by Ina

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at omunity. ZANZAN and his family were very friendly, thoughtful and helpful - We were made to feel very much at home. The room is quite spacious and clean, the food healthy (vegetarian 🙂 and delicious. We appreciated everything about our stay at omunity. Also the members of the village welcomed us warmly. We actually didn't want to leave anymore. I would definitely stay there again and can highly recommend!

 by Eva

Arriving to "omunity" - the place of Putu and Zanzan was really like entering the paradise that we were longing for. Even if it was midnight we were welcomed with open arms and a meal prepared by Zanzan´s mother who is cooking all the wonderful balinese and vegetarian meals. We loved the tranquility and calm atmosphere this place has with its beautiful bamboo huts, the space for yoga and meditation and the refreshing freshwater pool. We were grateful for the feeling of being invited living together with this balinese family, having the little prayers together before the meals. Zanzan enthusiastically telling us about culture and religion and his ideas about creating this lovely place integrating tourism, local community, learning, sustainability etc. We were honored and very happy also to be invited to the balinese weeding ceremonies as Putu´s brother was being married during our stay. In between ceremonies we went for a walk to the holly waterfall and ricefields in the mountains with private guide. Absolutely recomendable. We had massage and bonehealing. Whatever wishes we had everything was taken care of and arranged and it was a good feeling just with open minds to receive the experiences that were given us. Thank you so much to Zanzan and Putu, who is such a beautifull and lovely couple and their children and family and friends. We had unforgettable days in this little paradise. Much love from Eva, Maja and Simon.

 by Meikeminne

Beautifull place hidden in a remote village with warm people surrounded. If you're looking for a village and community experience you'll adore the place! Those who want a little more privacy maybe won't find it, but you get a lot of care and warmth of the hosts instead!

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