Our aim is to give you a beautifully unique and unforgettable experience we have many activities in Sudaji.

    1. Waterfall adventure: (5 hours) – Rp. 400.000,-/Person

Your journey begins with a 4km trip through the village meeting the locals and observing a different pace of life. Depending on when we go there are opportunities to see and participate in different aspects of village life ranging from traditional ceremonies to traditional craftsmen in action. Once we reach the starting point of the waterfall there are 385 steps down to the river – from here we cross the river before a short trek directly to the base of the waterfall. You are free to meditate, swim or just enjoy the powered of nature. Actually there are 7 waterfalls that meet in this area after about 30mins we will return back to the village of Sudaji via an alternative route that will reveal rice fields, farmers, trees, animals and an abundant plant life.

    1. Rice Field trek: (3 hours) – Free

The local rice in Sudaji is world famous and regarded by the Balinese as the highest quality of rice in Bali. After a brief walk (15mins) you will meet the local farmers who will explain the rice-cycle and its importance to the Balinese. Depending on the time of year you will either plant or harvest rice we also offer the opportunity for the truly brave to get behind the reins of a cow and plough the muddy fields.

    1. Local Traditional Market trip: (2 hours) – Free

The local market comes alive at 3am but we will visit at approx. 5.30am its an early start but worth it to feel and experience the atmosphere, see traditional crafts & craftsmen at work, purchase goods and products (really inexpensive). We will also select fresh vegetable, fruit and spices for our breakfast ! Upon our return you will participate in the preparation of breakfast and experience real Balinese cooking. This is the best way to experience Balinese life.

    1. Visit to Local Public Baths: (2 hours) – Free

Approx. 15 minutes walk from our Ashram is the local public baths. Experience bathing in a natural river and feel the energy of the water flowing through you. There are male and female “showering” facilities and a beautiful temple for meditation and prayer.

    1. Canang / Traditional Balinese Offering Making (1 hour) – Free

Enjoy an hour-long lesson learning the swift, perfectly precise, and ethereal practice of Canang. Local, warm smiled women arrive with palm tree leaves, flowers, and other materials needed to teach you how to make a traditional Balinese offering. By the end of the hour-long lesson you will come away with a newfound appreciation of this tediously beautiful religious custom.

    1. Palm Sugar Farm (2 hours) – Free

Take a short scooter ride down some narrow roads into the depths of the farming community. After a short hike up a hill you’ll arrive outside a small smoke filled hut. Inside a cheery lady is hard at work stirring a huge simmering pan in the corner. Enjoy sampling the warm caramelized palm sugar off a banana leaf and have the opportunity to purchase the sugar straight out of the mould. A fantastic opportunity to experience traditional Balinese culture at its best.

    1. Traditional Balinese Ceremony (Duration dependent on Nature of the Ceremony) – Free

If you are lucky enough to be in Sudaji at the right time, you may have the opportunity to take part in a traditional ceremony. You will be dressed in traditional Balinese temple wear and join the procession to the temple. Depending on the nature of the ceremony, you could take part in anything from a Balinese birthday ceremony to a cremation ceremony. Witness first hand and participate in decades upon decades of culture and tradition.

    1. School Visit (2-3 hours) – Free

Local school teachers in Sudaji happily welcome visitors to spend time with the local children in the school. You are able to teach a small class, help the children practice their English, sing songs and share stories. The children love having their opportunity to meet people from all around the world. They will truly warm your heart with their friendly questions about what life is like for you wherever you may be from, and how it differs from their own. Being able to experience the Bali education system first hand and getting to know the wonderful children of Sudaji is an experience you do not want to miss.

    1. Local facilities:

Our Swimming Pool, Natural jacuzzi and Wantilan (healing / meditation / workshop area) are always available to all our customers simply relax, unwind and enjoy yourself.