Our Vision


OMunity Bali seeks to bridge the gap between environmental concerns and human interests through practical education and sustainable Sudaji community involvement. We are totally organic and support many environmental initiatives.

Founded in 2010 by ZANZAN, we are primarily concerned with providing a future for our children, i.e. a world without plastic, dangerous chemicals and fertilizers. We are returning to basics – what our ancestors understood and practiced. We seek to educate and inform both locals and visitors.

We would also like to provide a sustainable future for the people of the village of Sudaji, instead of leaving to travel to the cities for employment they will have a future here.

Finally, the preservation of village traditions is of paramount importance to us organic farming has always been the Sudaji way. The word “Sudaji” in Sanskrit means “holy” or “ancient” knowledge, this is what we would like to share with the world. By returning to traditional values and practices we will restore the earth to a point before chemicals threatened our existence.